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have you ever met someone who likes the same stuff as you but they’re not obsessed enough


Marc Spector - Moon Knight

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People think pocket sized whatever is dumb lemme tell u a thing:

should i write tiny mulder and tiny claus

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nait: thanks. I was thinking of someone else which I had his name and lost it. which is a good place to start on the hellblazer comics? I mean i could always start at Vol 1, once i get caught up on the series im following now of course. 


Just to note - I have an entire Master Post dedicated to links where you can read all the Hellblazer comics online including New 52 titles like Constantine, I Vampire, and Justice League Dark, Crossovers, and Saga of the Swamp Thing.

As for where to start, it’s best you start from the beginning. I’ve had people say it’s hard to get into at first when you start there (hell, everything is), but tbh it’s pretty fun in the beginning because he’s really just sort of coming out in his own world as a main character and separating himself from his bit in Swamp Thing. So yeah, start at vol 1. Honestly, you can flip around, but i’m a traditional gal and I found it easier to read and understand when I started out. 

And if you want you sanity saved, feel free to skip Milligan.

Here’s another list that has some trade orders that seem to flow well, if you are wanting to skip around a bit and just absorb the gist of the series

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"Yes this is my deer friend. Deer friend is pretty like snow. You hurt deer friend I will hurt you."

the only thing I think of when I see this is like

this has been on my dash several times now and it won’t stop being adorable.



where do quicksand take you tho 

The sand world


all that i needed was you